- We now have a full length 11 track album due for pre release 06/08/2018

- We are looking to get some reviews, airplay and bloggers to help promote this album both online and physically

- Do you feel like this is something you could work with and help us make successful?

- Email us at Levant@levantsound.co.uk for all press and PR related enquiries

- Hit the play button below now to listen to the album sample



Promotional Lyric video



Listen to what others are already saying about Levant!

"Skull crushing, hard hitting Rock, with catchy hooks and spine tingling melodies. Levant brings back early metal with a fuel injected turbo engine straight into the present."
- JJ Jackson, The Bastard Sons

"Levant have taken some diverse talents and pushed them out of their comfort zone. That’s what it’s all about for me. Being creative and experimenting with new sounds and ideas. A great example is the track 'Together, divide apart'. CKY meets While She Sleeps... When the hell would that ever happen?”
- Mike Kingswood, AxeWound/Bullet For My Valentine/Glamour Of The Kill

"If I were to sum up great music in just a few words, it'd be stories, empathy and emotion. As well as all round authentic production, that's what you'll find with Levant."
- Joe Graves, Producer @ Innersound Audio/Asking Alexandria/Yashin

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